Did You Know That South Korea Is Not Only Seoul And Busan?

Did You Know That South Korea Is Not Only Seoul And Busan?

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When we think about South Korea, the first subject will be in our mind is K-Pop. For travellers, there will be 2 main destinations, Seoul and Busan. The question is, is South Korea has only these 2 places worth to visit? Or do we just know these 2 places because people always go there? Too cliche for me. Today I want to share some other worthy places to visit, where many Malaysians do not know much.

1. Mokpo

The southern city of this country is almost like Busan because it is located on the southern coast of South Jeolla. However, it has its own distinctive features as there are some spots for hiking. Among them is Yudal-san (Mount Yudal), which has a height of 228m above sea level. With less than an hour's hike, you will arrive at the summit that serves the entire city alongside the sea. It's definitely the best spot to see the sunset.

Views of Mokpo town from the summit of Yudal-san

2. Andong

Andong is located in North Gyeongsang Province and is one of the three main cities to see Korean culture and traditions. Andong which is well known as the Center of Tradition and Folklore is a place where people see the village of Hanok (Old Korean traditional house). Among the 2 main villages are Hahoe Folk Village and Yangdong Folk Village. Both were recognized by UNESCO in 2010.

Yangdong Folk Village

3. Daejeon

Daejeon is located in the center and is Korea's 5th largest city. The city is significant as being the national transportation hub. All major routes and roads meet and intersect here. For example, all Korail railway routes from north to south and east to west will meet here. In addition, the city is also the administrative hub next to Seoul, Gwacheon and Sejong. There is another interesting thing, the underground shopping here is also among the biggest!

Shopping centers along underground pedestrians

4. Iksan

Iksan located in the North Jeolla country is known as 'The City of Jewelry'. So one of the main attractions is the Museum of Gems and the Dinosour Museum next to it. In the autumn there is a Chrysanthemum Festival. In addition, nothing special besides being a city of trails to explore the many mountains and hills in the north Jeolla state. Among them are Moak-san (Mount Moak) which is about 30 minutes by car.

Part of the replica in the Gems Museum

5. Gapyeong

The name Gapyeong may be foreign, but not Nami Island. Perhaps some of the people who have reached Nami Island, but he does not know the name of the place of Nami Island. There may be some who think that Nami Island is part of Seoul. Although we can take the Subway from Seoul directly to here, but the fact, Nami island is already in another state named Gyeonggi. Whereas Gapyeong is the name of the region. No need to tell more about the privilege of Gapyeong because we all familiar with Nami Island, Petite France and other attractions.

Perhaps many do not know that Winter Sonata actress is a malaysia with Javanese blood

6. Jeju

Jeju is an island state that has its own attractions. Many people already know about Jeju, but yet to come because of the location that requires us to board another flight there. Believe me, even if you have to pay more for a plane ticket, it's worth every penny! As Jeju Island is 2.5 times larger than Singapore, it takes at least 3 days to cover it. There are also several small islands around Jeju Island like Udo Island.

Landscape on the Oceans of the Udo Island

7. Jeonju

Lastly, I want to tell the most interesting place in my list today. Jeonju! The city is located in the North Jeolla country is also one of the three main cities to see Korean culture and traditions, just like Andong. During the Chuseok festival (the largest traditional festival in Korea), you will see Jeonju Hanok Village filled with thousands of people wearing their traditional costumes. In addition, Jeonju was also chosen by UNESCO as a Creative City in the Gastronomic category. Therefore it is not surprising that Jeonju is listed by Lonely Planet (Number 3) in the list of Asia's top 10 cities 2016.

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