My Journey to Taiwan (First Impression)

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This post was written by Syafiq Apandi. He share his experience arrived in Taiwan for the first time.

My first day in Taiwan was two years ago.

I arrived at the airport late at night, made a last minute couch request and got myself hosted for the first time. My host coincidentally was a polyglot that speaks 5-6 languages mainly European languages.


Taiwan is the first country where I got to know the existence of unlimited internet data plan and you can share it to other devices as well. I probably used 100-200GB on my phone every month back then, shared to my friends and housemates.

All of that for less than RM50 if I'm not mistaken.

I have so many dramas in Taiwan.

Maybe I should share them more in the future. Awesome taiwan! Thank God for giving me this opportunity, thank Taiwan for giving me this chance.

This timetable will have to do for now.
Took a bus from the airport, 12am plus... NTD36 only to Taoyuan Train Station 桃园火车站
Battery is down to 7% with no data plan and no charger or powerbank.
The bus has free wifi and usb port under each seat plus you have to put on the seat belt... super. Subhanallah
Hosted by a Switz couple, I arrived so late at night and they still willing to pick me up. All praise to God.
Switz style breakfast, cereal mixed with yogurt and a glass of orange.
Streets of 桃园 in the morning... Yes, they do wear helmet here.
First morning in Taiwan, 桃园市... bought this TnG card. It's really useful and have many different pictures you can choose from... Price NTD100

To be continue...


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